Corona virus: less investigation in India than South Korea and America,speed will increase soon

Corona virusless tests in India than south Korea USspeed may boost soon
Corona virusless tests in India than south Korea USspeed may boost soon

Corona virus:less tests in India than south Korea, US,speed may boost soon

Corona virus:less tests in India than south Korea, US,speed may boost soon
Corona virus:less tests in India than south Korea, US,speed may boost soon

It has been two months since the first case of Corona virus arrived in India. The government claims that India has still not reached the third stage of transition.But it is also true that far fewer people are being considered for their investigation into the fight against the coronavirus

Tests that detect corona virus infection in India have been rare. There are only 6.8 people tested per 1 million(10 lakhs) people, which is the lowest rate in countries around the world.

Initially, tests were conducted in India only for those who had returned from traveling to high-risk countries or had come in contact with an infected patient or a health worker treating the patient. Later it was said by the government that due to severe respiratory diseases, the hospitalized patients would also examined.

But the scope of infection is increasing every day, it is feared that cases of corona virus infection will increase more rapidly in the coming days. In view of all this, on Thursday, ICMR has approved two private labs in India to manufacture Corona virus testing kit.

Pune’s MyLab Discovery

Pune’s MyLab Discovery is the first firm in India to be allowed to manufacture and sell testing kits. Each Mylab kit can test up to 100 samples. The cost of this kit is Rs 1200, which is extremely low compared to Rs 4,500 for testing kits sourced from abroad.

Viralist Meenal Dakhave Bhosle, head of research and development at MyLab Discovery, told the BBC, “Our kit can detect corona virus infection within two and a half hours, while kits from abroad take six to seven hours to test.”

How is COVID-19 examined?

There are two levels of testing for the Kovid 19 so far. For this, swab is taken before nose and mouth. The second test is done only after the first test is found positive. The patient is considered corona positive only if both tests are found positive. Currently, it takes six hours to complete this test in India.

But private companies in India, which are now allowed to make new test kits, will take just two and a half hours to make new kits and that too without doing two tests. Mylab managing director Hasmukh Rawal told the BBC that his testing kit would allow both tests to be done simultaneously and that too within two and a half hours.

What are the types of testing kits for COVID-19 

There are two types of kits to check for corona virus infection. One kit is antigen based and the other is anti body based. Dr. SK Sarin is the director of Institute of Liver and Binary Science, Delhi. He told the BBC that all countries of the world are currently using anti-gene based Covid-19 tests to detect corona infection.

According to him, the anti gene based test is actually done to detect the virus while the anti body based test is done to detect the post-recovery stage of corona infection. According to doctor Sarin, “Men who have recovered from a corona infection can go to work after recovering. An anti-body test can be used for them.”

All the countries of the world are using anti-gene based test for first stage patients. Therefore the same test is being used in India.

Why delay in India?

Doctor Sarin claims that Andy’s body test kit for Corona has been made five-seven days in advance. According to him, there is a need for Covid-19 test kits in India that can tell 100% negative cases to be 100% negative and 100% positive cases to be 100% positive. How long does it take for any sample to come to test report can be ascertained by how quickly the DNA extract can be extracted, the run time of its test result, how much time to read and report the test result. looks like.

South Korea has developed test kits that have results in 45 minutes to an hour. But why delay in India? On this question, Dr. Sarin says, “This virus is still very new. It came first in South Korea, America and China, followed in India. The countries abroad that we want to compare, in terms of technology More developed than us. Every country has its own different priorities. At the moment, our priority is that it does not spread much in the country. ”

According to experts, there are many scales to decide which country to test. For example, it can be a measure of the level of infection in that country, secondly how much population there is, what is the priority of the third country and what is the facilities in the fourth country and how much is the preparedness to deal with.

Testing in other countries

According to ICMR Director General Balaram Bhargava, France is testing 10,000 people every week, in Britain 16 thousand people are testing every week while in the US about 26 thousand people are testing every week.

Countries which are testing more people per week include South Korea which is testing about 80 thousand people in a week. In the same way, about 42 thousand people are being tested in Germany and about 52 thousand people every week in Italy.

Addressing the Central Government press conference last Sunday, Dr. Bhargava had said that India has the capacity to test 60 to 70 thousand people per week. In this series, the government has allowed 25 private labs to test Kovid 19 patients on Monday. Their labs also have thousands of collection centers across the country.

As of today, there are 113 labs in India in which testing is taking place. So far, 35 thousand people have been sampled in two months. According to RCSR doctor Raman R Gangakhedkar, India is currently using test kits for 30% of its testing capacity. And there is no shortage of testing kits.

According to K Vijayaraghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India, work on anti body based test is also going on in Labs of India. Looking at the success of such tests globally, India can also consider increasing its testing capacity in the coming days.

Corona test in America

World-renowned pharma and healthcare company Abbott can bring a testing kit in India that detects corona virus infection in five minutes. This report has appeared in the English newspaper Indian Express. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of America has already approved this testing kit. This testing kit is portable, ie it can be easily carried anywhere. Currently this kit is currently available only in the US. It has not come in India.

However, in an interaction with Indian Express, an Abbott spokesperson said that the company is working 24 hours to make as many kits as possible so that it can be delivered to different parts of the world. Corona infection tests will begin in US hospitals from next week through this kit. The company said that it is expected to conduct 50 thousand tests daily. However according to ICMR these are the best anti body tests.

Corona test in South Korea

Initially, cases of corona infection increased rapidly in South Korea. But it developed a test to confirm the infection. First, where about 10 thousand people are being tested free in South Korea every day, now this number has increased to 20 thousand.

Dozens of centers have been built in South Korea where you can do sit-ups in the car. Here the swab of your nose and mouth is taken. And you can go home. If you are found positive in the test, you are told to call, while you get a negative message on the phone.

These labs designed for the Corona virus test in South Korea are working 24×7. Here 96 public and private labs have been constructed for the corona virus test. Health officials believe that in this way people’s lives can be saved. The corona virus death rate in South Korea is 0.7 percent. If we talk about the rate released by the World Health Organization globally for Covid-19 deaths, it is 3.4 percent. South Korea has a population of fifty million.



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