Take caution when using sanitizer, sensational case surfaced in Rewari

Take caution when using sanitizer sensational case surfaced in Rewari
Take caution when using sanitizer sensational case surfaced in Rewari

New Delhi: A 21-day lockdown is going across the country to prevent the growing infection of the Coronavirus. Every person is engaged in buying and using sanitizer, mask to protect himself and family from infection. But this sanitizer in Haryana proved to be quite fatal for a man. Due to alcohol in the sanitizer, the youth of a family of Rewari fell into the fire.

This incident occurred on Sunday night. In a hurry, the family reached the Sir Gangaram Hospital in Delhi where the patient is undergoing treatment. However, it is a matter of honor that the young man’s life was saved, otherwise due to the sanitizer his whole body could be in the grip of fire.

In order to save the family from infection in the kitchen, this person was cleaning the kitchen keys, fridge etc. with sanitizer. The wife was cooking on the stove next door and suddenly the sanitizer caught fire. In this incident, 35 percent body of the youth of Rewari was burnt.

Two types of sanitizers are sold in the market
When you ask for sanitizer from a shopkeeper, he gives you a product of any brand. But when buying a hand sanitizer, it is important to know why you are taking it. At present, two types of hand sanitizers are available in the market. One is alcohol based and the other is non alcohol based. Non-alcohol based sanitizer (0.01 percent alcohol) is suitable for you if you live only in the home or office and there is less of a go. But if you work in transport, delivery, factory industry or hospital where there is too much of people coming then only alcohol based sanitizer (60-65% alcohol) will be right for you.

Which sanitizer is right to fight the corona virus
Corona virus is a high level virus. Doctors say that alcohol based sanitizer is helpful to fight it. 60-65 percent alcohol based hand sanitizer can kill 99.9% germs. Therefore, in this environment of possible infection of corona virus, it is advisable to use only alcohol based sanitizer.

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